When it comes to sending flowers, there are some companies that do it better than others. Teleflora is a giant in the flower business and for good reason. They have been in Australia for over 45 years and have the experience to deliver what their customers want.
Who is Teleflora?
Teleflora has been in floristry for many years and has been established in Australia for some time. They can deliver fresh flowers from bouquets to customised baskets to just about anywhere you would like in Australia. They can also deliver to other areas of the world.
There are Teleflora florists in Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra and Perth. They have a network of more than 850 florists in Australia alone and more than 70,000 world-wide florists available to take your order.
If you are in New Zealand, they have a website that you can contact to place an order. It’s at www.theflowercompany.co.nz
They handle the day-to-day process to sending flower orders out to customers all over Australia. They are also the brand behind many brands that are seen all over the world. Their success is achieved with the coordination and cooperation of many excellent and experienced florists from everywhere in Australia.
Teleflora also is the only brand in Australia that is part of the Australian Florist Relay network that is connected to Teleflora International, Limited. This is a massive floral group that has a network of over 70,000 florists around the world. This affiliation allows them the ability to process and deliver flowers to just about anywhere you can imagine.
They are actively involved in the Floral Industry. They sponsor many events in Australia some of which are The International Flower and Garden Show located in Melbourne. They have also sponsored the Royal Sydney Show and the Adelaide Autumn Festival.
These events have brought a lot of awareness to the public about Teleflora and they are proud to be sponsors. Having worked diligently to increase their brand awareness, participating in these events are a also a pleasure for Teleflora.
Teleflora’s goal is to provide the absolute best quality and service to their customers. They want to go far beyond their customers’ expectations and have consistently been able to do that. Here are three principles that they believe in that help them to achieve and maintain their success.
1. They maintain relationships with a vast and superior network of florists.
• It is not possible to get the orders done properly without the help of an experienced and dedicated team.
2. They pay attention to the details that customer wants.
• If the customer wants something special, unique or different to send with their order, they try their hardest the fulfill the customer’s wishes.
3. They provide the most excellent possible service.
• The customer is paramount at Teleflora and they show this by giving them the best service they can.
Send Flowers Anywhere From Anywhere
If you have an occasion to send flowers, the place to find the best and freshest flowers is at teleflora.com.au. They are Australia’s biggest flower shop that you can find online. Heading to the local floral shop is just not feasible in our busy and harried lives these days. People need to be able have the convenience of an online store in order to send flowers to that special someone.
You can surprise your loved ones and friends with a bouquet on their birthday or other special occasion. And, if you love Native Australian flowers, Teleflora works with an extensive group of florists who will provide you with the native flowers you are looking for.
If you are interested in ordering from the internet for your next occasion, you can go to their website and use their search tools section or shop by value, if you wish. You can find a number of arrangements that are very reasonably priced. Whether you want to send a romantic message to your special someone or send the perfect corporate gift along with a bouquet of flowers to seal the deal, you will be able to find exactly what you need with teleflora.com.au.
What You Will Find
On their website, you will be able to browse by occasion, price point and location. You can even send flowers the same day depending on the type of flowers you are looking for. All you need to do is place your order before 2PM EST and they will be able to process and deliver your order on the same day. If your recipient lives in a rural area, you will need to wait 24-48 hours for your order to be delivered.
In addition to flowers, you will also find gift baskets that you can send. Sometimes you want to send a bit more than just flowers. They offer fruit baskets, wine and alcohol, gourmet baskets, teddy bears and lolly boxes. Flowers plus a gift basket can make the recipient feel even more special.
Teleflora.com.au is the place to find all of your floral needs. With the ability to deliver anywhere, they are the clear choice for any occasion. The pictures on the website are very clear so you will know precisely what you are ordering and what your recipient will be receiving. This is an important aspect of online floral shops. Oftentimes, what you see is not always what you get, but with teleflora.com.au, they provide you with what you find on the website or will tell you if it is not available.
Flowers can uplift, brighten and change a person’s perspective. They add beauty, colour and light to one’s life and can be just the thing that someone needs. Whether the occasion is sad or joyous, you will be able to find the perfect arrangement or bouquet to suit your tastes and needs. Teleflora.com.au will work with you in order to find the best flowers for the occasion. Their experienced team members will do all that they can to make sure you are completely satisfied.