Petals has been in business since 1992 and continues to this day. They deliver flowers all over Australia and nearly anywhere in the world, as well. They work with an enormous network (1500) of florists encompassing several different countries. Because of their commitment to quality and customer service, they have become one of the leading florists in Australia. While flowers are their specialty, you can also find other gifts to send to that special someone.

Freshness And Quality Counts

Petals knows that the best arrangements come from the freshest flowers. If the flowers are not fresh, the arrangements will not last and the recipient will be disappointed. That is why they have such an extensive network of local florists that they work with in order to guarantee that the customer is getting the freshest flowers possible.

All of the flowers are hand-arranged and you can also opt for gift or baskets to send, as well. They can custom design an arrangement according to your wishes or you can work with a design consultant that will create something for you.

Deliveries Next Door and Worldwide

When you are considering florists, you should consider one that is able to deliver just about anywhere. Petals Florist Network can send your arrangement to someone right in your neighborhood or in a remote land abroad. Their network of florists is so extensive that they can make deliveries to rural areas, towns and large cities. No matter where your special someone is located, Petal Florist Network will be able to get the delivery to him or her with no problem.

Designers Creations

If you want something truly unique and different, you may want to consider trying an arrangement created by one of the exclusive floral designers. These arrangement come in many different varieties and styles and the florists use their utmost abilities to design something that is extraordinary and beautiful. Each arrangement is crafted with expert detail using the freshest of seasonal flowers. The reason for this is that when you use the flowers that are currently in season, you are more assured that you will receive flowers that are of the best quality and freshness.

When you are ready to order, all you need to do is choose a style that you like (a bouquet or other type of style) and then the florist will head the task of creating something beautiful.

These arrangements can be sorted by lowest to highest price according to your budget. If you are budget-conscious, this is an excellent choice to pursue. When you are using flowers that are in season, you are able to get more of them at a lower price. This is a boon for your recipient, as well, who will receive a larger bouquet than other florists offer.

You can also request to have something designed according to your tastes. If there is an event or special occasion coming up, you can consult with one of the floral designers and let him or her know about the theme or colours, etc. and you will help to create something that will bring life and exuberance to your occasion.

Placing An Order

Ordering with the Petals Florist Network is easy. There are a couple of different options you can take. If you want to place an order by phone, you can call 1800 738 257. This is a good choice for those who want to discuss specific details, design options and so forth. If you want to place an order online, simply to their website and you can order directly there. They have a secure server so your payment details are very safe. They use Secure Sockets Layer or SSL software that encrypts all of your personal details. So, your name, address and credit card information is not available to those who are ready to steal it on the internet. In fact, they guarantee your details will be safe.

Flowers For Special Occasions And For Everyday

People think of sending flowers on special days but you can send them anytime. If you simply want to brighten someone’s day, there is no better way than with a bouquet of flowers.

Here are some other occasions, however, that you might want to consider sending a lovely arrangements of flowers.

Christmas – Christmas is a wonderful time of year to send themed flowers. You can send arrangements that are decked out in all the holiday colours or something that is custom designed yourself. There are also many gifts available that you can include as part of your flower arrangement.
Birthdays – Flowers are the perfect gift on your loved one’s birthday. Whether you want to surprise him or her at the office or at home, your loved one will be thrilled to be remembered through flowers.
Anniversaries – Your spouse would be honoured to receive a gift of flowers on the anniversary of your wedding day or anniversary of any special day you shared together. You might even want to add details that are specific to your special day to give it that extra touch.
Sympathetic Occasions – Unfortunately, life is marked with events that can bring difficulty and sadness. One way to help to console the afflicted is to send a message of flowers that expresses love and concern.
New Babies – Babies are a time of renewal and intense joy. Parents are often overwhelmed and would really appreciate a lovely gesture of flowers to welcome the new addition to their home.
Get Well – Recovery can be a very difficult process. One way to help someone and brighten his or her thoughts is through a bright bouquet flowers. A hospital room can suddenly be turned into a place of cheer and happiness.
Corporate Gifts – It can be difficult to know what to buy for a company or a client. That is why flowers are a perfect choice. You can also include gifts to increase the value of your gift and allow others to enjoy the offer.