Welcoming life into the world is a wonderful occasion to celebrate. Feelings of excitement, happiness and responsibility seem to be overwhelming for the parents and relatives. Such a joyous occasion, however, is worth celebrating with a fresh, bright and colourful bouquet of flowers. This article will guide you through the most frequently asked questions on the topic and help you make the right choice as to what would be appropriate new baby flowers to give.

Some Flower Suggestions And Ideas For Celebrating A New Baby

New baby flowers can range from traditional bouquets to more unique and special gifts. Consider, for example, professionally framing the newborn’s birthday flower. You can have a caption of the baby’s name and birthday written underneath. This is a memorable gift and a long-lasting reminder of the joyous day. If you are worried about allergies or bacteria from real flowers, silk flowers are another option. Their durability is evident and they can be displayed at home after leaving the hospital. With advanced manufacturing these days, artificial flowers look incredibly real.

Appropriate Flower Ideas And Gifts For A New Baby Boy

Obviously infants don’t have an understanding or appreciation of flowers and gifts. Rather, they are meant for the exalted parents. Therefore, you shouldn’t be concerned whether the baby will like the flowers or not. If the newborn is a boy, you may consider giving a small arrangement of flowers along with a gift such as an outfit , for example. Onesies and T-shirts with personalised inscriptions are a great option.

Bath toys are also a good idea for a gift. They are applicable to both sexes and are fun to play with. Rubber ducks or boats, teething rings or squeaky frogs are just some ideas.

If you opt for just flowers, make sure you let the parents know the meaning of the flowers. You can have it written on a card as well. A good idea for new baby flowers is buying spring flowers. They represent new beginning, new life, and revival. A nice bouquet of fresh-cut spring flowers will be quite appropriate.

Getting The Right Gift For The Baby Girl

If the baby is named after a flower, your choice of a gift is pretty simple then. Some of the most popular floral baby names are Violet, Daisy, Rose and Jasmine. Common new baby flowers for an infant girl are lilies. The calla lilly, more specifically, symbolises purity and virtue because of its most common white variation. Parents would hope their little princesses would carry such virtues during their whole lives.

Snapdragons are also a great flower gift for baby girls. They represent strong character and grace. You may also consider buying pink shoes, a cute dress or a lovely tutu. A book or some DVDs are also a great idea. They also have reusable value which shouldn’t be underestimated.

Finding A Gift For The Mum

A mother will be happy to receive new baby flowers, of course. But she deserved being spoiled with a little bit more than that. Carrying a baby for none months is truly a heroic act so a new mother should really be honoured. No other accomplishment is more gift – deserving. Here is a short list with some suggestions:

  • A gift basket with pamper products and goodies
  • A gift certificate to the spa or gym
  • A nice bottle of wine or champagne
  • A pre-paid photography session
  • A magazine subscription to a baby magazine
  • Spa and body care products
  • A crib, a stroller, a car seat, or a rocking chair
  • A nice leather journal

One of the most precious gifts that you can also give is your time. New mothers focus their energy and time on the needy newborn and time for anything else is scarce. You can offer to help with the cleaning, cooking , folding the laundry or buy her 6 months of babysitting or food delivery services.

Getting A Gift For Dad

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a memorable and exciting occasion for a father as well. Nowadays, new dads are getting more and more involved in raising their children. Honouring the fact that new fathers are also going through a life-changing experience will help them feel supported. If you don’t think men are that appreciative of flowers, consider the following:

  • A daddy survival kit
  • A baby outfit with his favourite team symbol
  • A greeting card “just for dad”
  • A bottle of wine or champagne
  • A gift certificate to his favourite restaurant
  • A new camping set
  • Dad memorabilia
  • A picture frame for his work desk

Think about the true personality of the father before getting him anything. Not all gifts are appropriate for all men. You may also have the gift personalised. That will make it more special for him. If you don’t know much about him, surely his wife will have the answers for you.

Remembering The Big Brother Or Sister

When a newborn arrives, he or she gets all the attention. The parents are usually honoured as well. But what about the siblings? They shouldn’t feel ignored or overshadowed when the new baby comes. No matter their age, they go through a change too. They may experience new emotions such as jealousy of the new comer in the family. You can make them feel better by giving them something special. Gift ideas vary according to the age of the older brother or sister. Here are some ideas:

  • A “big sister” or a “big brother” doll or a t-shirt
  • Special books about siblings
  • Blankets
  • A picture frame
  • Sweet treats
  • Colouring books and crayons
  • A personalised step stool
  • Something related to the big brother’s or sister’s interests

Help your older child to welcome and celebrate the new addition to the family.

Giving flowers to a family welcoming new life into the world is the least you can do. The celebrations for this wonderful occasion won’t be complete without a bunch of lovely flowers.