When you are looking for the experts in floral delivery, you will find that Interflora Australia is your top resource for online florists. No online florist delivers more flowers or offers the levels of service and vast experience of Interflora Australia. We have all of the extensive resources that help to make same-day delivery within Australia possible, and we can provide floral deliveries to overseas locations as well.

Over the course of the past century, Interflora has worked hard to create a successful and excellent floral/gift delivery company, which now ranks among the largest of its kind in the world. As an international leader, Interflora is able to provide services in almost two hundred different countries around the world, with nearly 70,000 florist locations almost everywhere… and almost 1300 of the Interflora floral shoppes are located right here in Australia, meaning that the company is well positioned to cover all of your delivery needs.

Guarantee of Excellence

Customers all over the world find, time and time again, that they are able to rely on Interflora’s services, especially when their purchases are supported by the famed “Interflora-Guarantee.” This company guarantee specifically promises the customer that Interflora will stand behind “the freshness, flower quality and value of each Interflora relay order.” Each floral arrangement created by Interflora professionals is created by hand, and then delivery is managed through one of the reliable, affiliated florist shoppes located throughout Australia.

Flowers For Any Occasion

There are different types of flowers for any and every possible occasion, of course, and these thoughtful floral gifts can be packaged in a variety of creative ways. Interflora Australia offers you the option of selecting from beautiful arrangements, traditional bouquets, flower boxes, and even themed baskets, according to your preferences. Your Interflora florist is ready to meet your needs, no matter what type of floral gift you have in mind. And remember, flowers are not only for traditional holidays any more! Consider sending flowers to make an appropriate statement of thanks, congratulations, love, support, thoughtfulness or compassion. It should come as no surprise that flowers are an appreciated gift for birthdays, births, graduations, anniversaries, and almost any other life event that you can imagine!

One of the best parts of ordering your floral gift through Interflora is that customers know that they can depend on their Interflora team to relay their delivery smoothly to the intended recipients. While there is no problem with floral deliveries on the biggest occasions of the year, such as Saint Valentines Day, Christmas, or Mothers Day, Interflora is reliable year-round for whatever you need. In fact, there is a special selection of “Seasons Best” flowers that delivers gifts of the flowers that are most likely to thrive during the Winter! If you are interested in really making a statement with your gift, Interflora now also offers delivery of “gourmet hampers,” which come complete with different specialties such as chocolates, wines, or fruit selections.

The options today are dazzling and truly offer customers an array of options that are staggering. The fact that customers can rely on Interflora to deliver these types of flowers and other gifts so quickly and reliably is really quite amazing, especially compared to the challenges that existed many years ago. In the early days of the floral business, cross-town florists would exchange their orders and arrange financial agreements interpersonally… a locally effective but highly inefficient process, at best.

From Then To Now

Over time, floral delivery orders began to be managed over the telegraph wires in Europe and America in the early 20th Century. While this option helped the international delivery of flowers to grow, it was not until the onset of World War Two that the idea really took flight. There were thousands upon thousands of servicemen located around the world who wanted to send flowers to their wives, mothers, and girlfriends back home! This was one of the major causes of the growth in the international floral delivery business.

In order to make this process work more smoothly after the end of the war, Interflora was created in 1946 by business members from the floristry businesses of Great Britain, Europe, and America. According to its charter, the organisation was formed specifically “for our respective associations… to further its interests so that the world may be better served and the friendship of nations cemented through the medium of flowers.”

Interflora is now well-situated both domestically and internationally to deliver flowers and gifts of all sorts, virtually anywhere, at any time, with a guarantee for reliability and quality. As technologies have advanced and times have changed, it has become possible for Interflora Australia customers to send their flowers across town, across Australia, or even to the other side of the world.

Interflora’s Global Reach

You will find that it is very easy for customers to place an order through Interflora Australia, no matter where you want your flowers or other gifts to be delivered. The headquarters for Interflora Australia are located right in Melbourne, and all of the guesswork is removed by the excellent infrastructure that Interflora has developed worldwide. This allows customers to conveniently take advantage of the unique ability of flowers to truly deliver an emotional and heartfelt message.

No matter where people go in the world, any floral business that proudly displays the Interflora logo with Mercury – the winged-footed Roman god of merchants and travelers – is recognized as a part of the most reliable network of florists anywhere on earth. In fact, the Interflora logo represents both the number one floral delivery company in the world, but also one of the world’s most recognizable and respected brands in any industry!

When the time comes for your next order of flowers, whether for business, family celebration, or any other reason, be sure to look for the Interflora Australia logo. The reliable partners who represent this company will serve as your insurance that your gift of flowers will look fresh and beautiful and arrive on time.