Flowers For Everyone has been in the floristry business for 20 years. They have experienced staff members who work diligently on every aspect of the floral business from cultivation to design. It is because of this experience and their dedication to excellence that they have managed to thrive for so many years in the flower industry.
The professionals at Flowers For Everyone have floral industry training from both Australia and Europe. This extensive knowledge results in the creation of arrangements that are both unique and beautiful. They are also known for their customer service which is the reason why clients continue to return again and again.
Wedding, Bridal Parties and Other Events
Flowers For Everyone have particular expertise in wedding and bridal parties and will work tirelessly in order to make sure each design detail has been executed accurately. They will meet and discuss as often as needed so the client is assured that the ideas and inspirations will be brought forth properly.
They are also no strangers to designing floral arrangements for corporate events. In fact, Flowers For Everyone were the designers behind the floral creations for the Australian Record Industry Awards ceremony or ARIA. They were met with an overwhelmingly positive response and have continued to work with ARIA for many years now.
The Quality of The Flowers Counts
Freshness and the quality of flowers are extremely important when it comes to lasting arrangements. Flowers will eventually perish so it is important that you work with a florist that chooses the freshest and best quality flowers in order to ensure that the arrangements will last as long as possible.
Flowers For Everyone makes sure that all flowers are hand-selected each day. They do this in order to provide their customers with the very best flowers that are available.
Make Your Flowers Last
Here are some tips that will help to make your flowers last so you can enjoy them a long time.
1. Be sure to buy quality flowers from a quality florist – Some florists will scrimp on flowers in order to cut down on costs. The flowers tend not to last very long and therefore can’t be enjoyed by the recipient for very long. Find a good florist that you can trust because they will provide the freshest and highest quality flowers.
2. Take the time to care for them – Just a little extra time can make a big difference in extending the longevity of your flowers. Make sure your vase is clean and ready with fresh water before placing the arrangement in there.
3. Choose the proper vase – Your vase should cover about half of the flowers plus any greenery that has been added. If the flowers are too long, be sure to cut them to fit the size of the vase.
4. Add nutrients – Flowers need nutrition in order to last longer. You can add the food packet and also a crushed aspirin to the water before placing the arrangement inside the vase.
5. Trim the flowers – Run the stems under tepid water and snip the ends so they are trimmed before placing them in the vase. This makes it easier for them to draw up the water. Make sure to cut diagonally which increases the surface area.
6. Keep extremes temps to a minimum – Flowers can be quite delicate and they generally do not like extreme changes in temperature so make sure they are clear from air conditioners and heaters.
When They Deliver
• Weekday deliveries – Arrangements can delivered on the weekdays (Monday – Friday, except public holidays) providing orders have been placed before 12:00 noon Australian Eastern Standard Time or AEST. If you are delivering to a business, the order can be placed up until 1:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time. Deliveries in residential areas can usually be done the same day. If you chose a public holiday for your delivery day, the delivery will automatically be postponed till the next business day.
• Saturday deliveries – If you want an arrangement delivered on Saturday, you must order before 10AM AEST on Saturday.
• Sunday and Other Holiday deliveries – Sunday deliveries are not available. Most public holidays are also not available with the exception of Valentine’s Day. For Valentine’s Day deliveries, you must place the order before Sunday the 13th of February in order to ensure delivery on the 14th.
• Delivery Times – All deliveries take place during 9am and 5pm. You can request to have an arrangement delivered in the AM but the time can’t be guaranteed.
Urgent Deliveries
There may be an occasion that you have an urgent delivery request. If this is the case, you must place the order before 12 noon on the day requested and make sure to specify that it is for same day delivery. Be aware that there may be additional charges that may be applied.
Seasonal Availability
Some flowers that have been requested may not be available due to seasonal availability. If a flower that you ordered is not available due to the season then another will be found that is similar and it will be included in its place.
If there is a change that must be made, they will usually make the effort to let you know
Cancelling Your Order
It is important to note that all cancellations will incur a fee. If you must cancel your order, you must do so as soon as possible. If it is less than 24 hours then you will be charged 50% of the order. If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice then you will only be charged a $15 administration fee.
All orders that are en route with the courier cannot be cancelled.
Flowers For Everyone cares about their customers. They will do all they can to make sure your flowers are delivered on time and with the sentiment that you wish to have included. Their commitment to quality and service ensures that customers will keep coming back again and again.