If picture is worth a thousand words then we know that a memorable flower design or arrangement can say more than we can imagine. So when it comes to having flowers delivered for someone special or for any special occasion, one starts wondering about the type, the colors, the delivery times, the prices, and so forth. And with so many flower delivery companies on the market, the options are endless. Here is some elaboration on the most frequently asked questions on the matter.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can flowers be delivered at any time?
  2. Delivery times vary. If you want your loved one to receive your flowers on February 14th, you must place the order by February 13th. Business delivery times are between 9 am and 5 pm. Morning deliveries can be requested but cannot be 100% guaranteed.

    If you happen to choose a public holiday or a Sunday for your delivery, your flowers will get to their destination on the next business day. Deliveries are made on Saturdays as well as long as you place your order before 10 am AEST.

    Most companies are flexible, of course, on these rules. If you need an urgent delivery, you may call their office and request one. Additional delivery charges will apply.

  3. What if I need to cancel my order?
  4. You can cancel your order but there will be a fee for orders cancelled within 24 hours. In addition, orders that are cancelled after the 24 hour notice period will not be reimbursed. Orders that are already prepared or are with a courier for delivery cannot be cancelled. Moreover, changes such as product selection, delivery address or recipient name can be made provided the order has not already left.

  5. Will I receive notification of delivery?
  6. Unfortunately, no. Delivery confirmations are not possible due to the high number of customers. Furthermore, approximate delivery time is hard to provide as it may change over the course of the day. Flower delivery companies notify the sender if a delivery is not possible on a requested day. Items that contain alcohol cannot be left at a delivery location if a person over the age of 18 is unavailable to receive the order.

  7. My order changed. Why did this happen?
  8. Flower delivery companies have reserved the right to replace certain flowers in an arrangement according to seasonal availability. If a particular flower, product or container is not in stock, an item of similar quality and value will be substituted. Deliveries are made to almost all areas in Australia. Note though that if a remote or unusual delivery is requested, the cost of delivering the flowers may be significant. You can check delivery locations on each company’s website. Some companies are starting to offer international deliveries as well. In addition, flower delivery companies offer promotion codes applicable for orders places through their website and call centre. Gift certificates are also available.

Tips To Ensure A Smooth Delivery

  1. Make sure the address is correct
  2. When placing an order, make sure you leave the correct contact information, both of the recipient and the sender. This is important in case the company is having difficulty in delivering the flowers. If you provide an incorrect address, a redirection and refreshment fee will apply.

  3. Be sure your credit card is active and able to be used.
  4. If your credit card is declined and you have already contacted your bank to resolve the issue, you still have the option to send your order to the online service staff of the respective company and clarify the problem later. Your order will be kept for up to 48 hours and then cancelled if you don’t contact the company again.

  5. Use the website for one order at a time and the phone for more than one arrangement.
  6. When you order through a company’s website, you may only order one flower product at a time. But when you call them on the phone, you may order multiple products. If they are all going to the same address, you will be charged only once. When you place an order, you can also indicate what the courier should do if there’s no one home. He can either leave the delivery at the front or back door or leave a calling card asking the recipient to contact the company to arrange a re-delivery time or location.

  7. If you want to customise your arrangement, let the company know.
  8. Companies are also flexible on product arrangements. If something that you want is not on the product list, you may contact the company and they will be happy to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that some flowers may not be available in all states so the florist may use their choice of flowers to ensure timely delivery.

  9. Take care with the arrangements.
  10. Keep in mind that companies usually use young flowers that are closed in order to ensure longer life for the flowers after the time of delivery. The buds open within a couple of days after that. You should always remember that flowers are a perishable product which is easily affected by the environment and surrounding conditions. Therefore, they should be cared for properly. Don’t forget to keep flowers in a cool place and away from draughts, heaters, televisions and microwaves. You can use a few drops of bleach as an alternative to flower food preservative. Companies recommend you re-cut the stems 2-3 cm.

What Do The Flowers Mean?

Have you wondered about the meaning each type of flower carries? For some, this is what guides their choice of arrangement. Acacias, for example, portray concealed, chaste love; dandelions – faithfulness, happiness; ivy – fidelity, affection, and friendship. The list goes on and on.

You should also be aware of the guidelines that some occasions require so you can send the correct flowers for the correct occasion. Never send wreaths for funerals, for example. Lilies are the traditional flowers for this occasion. For sympathy, you may want to send a living plant as a symbol of life. Big arrangements are not appropriate for hospitals. If you are not aware of these rules, don’t worry. Flower delivery companies offer not only a wide range of options, but also friendly staff to help you make the right choice.