Fast Flowers is an Australian owned floral company that believes in freshness and providing the customer with the best arrangements as quickly as possible. They are not new to the floral world as they started designing and delivering floral arrangements in 1999. Through their years of dedicated service, they have grown to become one of the most widely-used and respected floral retailers in all of Australia.

They also pride themselves in having a fantastic customer service team ready to provide premiere assistance at a moment’s notice. They have stores in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and deliveries can be requested throughout those regions. Floral deliveries, however, are not limited to this particular geographical area. If there is an arrangement to go to any other part of Australia, this is accomplished by partnering with a network of florists with whom they have a trusted relationship.

Demand for their flowers has grown so much that they are now offering deliveries to New Zealand. They have connected themselves with other select floral companies who are also committed to providing excellence service and the most beautiful and freshest arrangements.

In line with their mission to work with local business, they use local growers and seasonal flowers which is another reason why the arrangements are the freshest you will find anywhere. These arrangements are often received, arranged and sent out the same morning they were delivered from the grower.

They have partnered with companies such as Westpac, Citibank, Diners’ Club and Myer One. The partnerships allow the companies to earn points towards floral arrangements through Fast Flowers.

Get The Freshest Flowers Fast!

The floral design experts at Fast Flowers make it easy for you to provide a surprise gift, a thank you or an expression of love. All you need to do is go online and find the arrangement that you want and contact the customer service team and give them your order. If you are unsure about what you want or what might be appropriate, you can ask for advice and they can guide you through the process in order to find the perfect arrangement for your special occasion. They provide roses, gerberas, Australian native flowers, chrysanthemums, lilies and much more. They can also work within your budget so you can send something you really love but you will not have to break the bank in order to do it.

They are so certain you will love the arrangement you have ordered that they provide a guarantee that if you are not satisfied, you can be reimbursed or provided with another arrangement that suits your needs.

Delivery Details

1. How much is charged for delivery?

The charge for delivery is just $10,00 for nearly all locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. If the location is in a place that is more difficult to locate there may be an additional $5 charge.

2. To what locations do you deliver?

Fast Flowers delivers all throughout Australia and also now in New Zealand. If you are uncertain whether your location is deliverable, please fill out an order form and when you submit it you will be alerted to whether or not your arrangement can be sent to that location.

3. On which days do you do deliveries?

Deliveries are available Monday through Saturday. There are deliveries on Sunday will only happen on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

4. Is same day delivery possible?

Absolutely! Fast Flowers is not called Fast Flowers for nothing! If you call in an order that is prior to 2pm or before 10am on Saturday then you will be able to have your arrangement delivered same day.

5. When will the delivery arrive at the location?

Fast Flowers guarantees your delivery to be by 5pm to addresses at businesses and then 6pm for home addresses.

6. Is a specific time for delivery possible?

Unfortunately, no. Please note the previous question for the delivery times. There may come a time in the future where this possibility might be able to be accommodated but, for now, they are only able to deliver by 5pm and 6pm. There is one exception, however. If you are planning an order for a funeral, call the customer service office and see if your order can be accommodated.

7. What happens to deliveries when the recipient is not at the location?

Please do your best to make sure that the recipient is where you expect them to be. Otherwise, the arrangement will be left at the home or office. It will be placed in a safe location but if this is not possible then a business card for Fast Flowers will be left to arrange for re-delivery. If you have alcohol as part of your order, this cannot be left at the location unless there is someone who is over 18 years of age to take the alcohol.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Fast Flowers wants you to be completely satisfied with your order. If you are unhappy for any reason, contact the customer service centre and tell them why. Pictures of the arrangement from a few different vantage points would be very helpful, as well. You can send it to Be sure to include your complete name and your reference number.

Cancelling An Order

If you need to cancel and order, simply call within 24 hours of the delivery. Contact the customer service centre as soon as possible and you will have your order refunded to you. If you try to cancel your order and it is not within the 24 hour period, it can’t be refunded.

If you need to make changes to your order, call the customer service centre as soon as you can and let them know of the changes that need to be made. They will do the best they can to accommodate your changes. If the order is in the process of being delivered, changes are not able to be accommodated.

You can use all major credit cards when you place your order.