Offices can often be a sterile and stuffy environment. However, they don’t have to be! Flowers can add life, colour and cheer to any office setting. This can help boost the mood and atmosphere at work making it a much more pleasant place to be.

Walking into an office and seeing a beautifully arranged display of flowers can also say something about the company itself. Depending on the type of arrangement, flowers can express a company’s style and professionalism.

Flowers can be arranged in a special way that they are in line with the mood and character of the company. Whether you want to have something elegant or a modern arrangement, just let the florist know what type you want and you will get something that matches your office setting.

Flowers can also be a way to celebrate achievements, special occasions, promotions and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Corporate Flowers:

1. Will the flowers be appreciated by the recipient?
You can never be certain that a gesture of flowers will be appreciated but more often than not, they are overwhelmingly welcomed. Sometimes there can be some hesitation in sending flowers to someone that is not a close family member, spouse or partner . However, when a thoughtful expression of congratulations or goodwill is sent through flowers, the recipient is usually very thankful.

2. Is there a certain type of flower that should be given in a professional setting?

There is not necessarily a flower that is more ‘business-like’ but matching the colour and theme of the office can be quite important. You want to choose arrangements that will match the background of the office and is flexible for different occasions. You can discuss decor and colours with the online florist and s/he can guide you through the process. They will also gladly try to accommodate any requests or special needs you might have. Lilies, orchids and frangipani are used quite often because they are quite elegant and their blooms last a long time if they are cared for properly. However, the choice is ultimately yours and you can peruse the site to find something that catches your eye and matches the mood and feel of the office.

3. Is it necessary to add additional gifts to the flowers?

This is entirely up to you. If you know that your recipient might enjoy a bottle of wine, you could include that. Or, a box of chocolates is safer if you know that the recipient does not drink. If you are buying for the staff of a company, you may want to opt for a gift basket that is filled with goodies. This way you are sure to have something for everyone. Gift baskets are always a hit in any office.

4. I’m concerned the flowers will litter the office when they are dying. What should I do?

Flowers are a natural and living product and will wilt and die so there is a risk of leaves and petals gathering around the base of the vase. If you are worried about this you can opt for silk flowers instead of fresh ones. Silk flowers are very beautiful, low maintenance and last for a very long time. However, they are quite expensive. You might want to buy these flowers for your own office so you can enjoy them, too!

Make a Statement With Flowers

Flowers can be nice for just about any occasion but there are other reasons to send flowers. You might be surprised to know that they could help you land that account. Not everyone thinks of sending flowers and they can be an unexpected gesture to a potential client and it might just give you the edge you are looking for. This can be seen as a way of marketing yourself to make the best impression with clients and potential business partners. You can send flowers after an important meeting to say ‘thank you’ or on the date of a special occasion. Either way, your client or potential partner will be impressed with your thoughtfulness and you will have strengthened your relations in the process.

Flowers For Your Next Corporate Event

Coffee and donuts do not have to be the only things to adorn a table at corporate events. Flowers can completely change the mood of what may be an otherwise boring meeting. You will find that simple flower arrangements will change the ambiance of events or receptions. What may initially be dull and uninteresting is suddenly made beautiful and lively with the right selection of flowers.

Choosing The Right Flowers

Some flowers work better than others for corporate events or office environments. Often customers choose roses, lilies, gerberas, tulips or freesias. There are several wild flowers and seasonal greens that can be added to make the arrangement full and lush. Not only the beauty of the flowers but also the fragrance will surely add to any environment.

Getting Flowers For Your Employees

If you want to reward a special employee, there is no better way to say what you want than with flowers. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose just the right flower to express your sentiments so that is why it is important to contact one of the online floral specialists to help you find the perfect arrangement. If you have many gifts or flowers to distribute to your staff, you just need to provide the information to one of the florist professionals and they will be able to arrange for everything.

When you are on a floral site, you will see that arrangements are usually listed lowest to highest price which will allow you to quickly go to the spot that is within your price range.

When it comes to livening up a room, flowers can do this any time. If they are placed in the front office and are in place to greet all employees and clients or customers as they enter, they will be enlivened by their presence. People feel more enthusiastic when they are around flowers and are positively affected by their scent. Having them in a corporate setting is just the thing to do to boost morale and lighten spirits.